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Hook Up Your Brain - Hook UpsCourse Descriptions

Brain Gym® 101
This class is for anyone who truly wants to understand Brain Gym® and use it at its full potential. It is also the first level of professional training in the field of Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology. In this class, we use the 26 Brain Gym® movements and 2 forms of Dennison Laterality Repatterning within a 5-Step Balance process in which personal goals create the context for growth. When you use Brain Gym® for 3 days, as we do in this class, you experience profound shifts and changes. This level of learning assists you in knowing how to apply Brain Gym® through your intellect as well as intuitional and kinesthetic intelligences.

Introduction to Brain Gym®
This class is for anyone who wants a beginning foundation for using Brain Gym® both professionally and personally. Learn what Brain Gym® is and how it works. Experience and learn how to implement the renowned Dennison Laterality Repatterning Process for enhancing hemispheric integration. Learn about the three dimensions of brain-body intelligence, (Laterality, Centering and Focus), and how to use all 26 Brain Gym® movements to activate and integrate the whole brain. You will leave with solutions to offer any one facing challenges – including and especially yourself!

Optimal Brain Organization
This class is for graduates of Brain Gym® 101 who would like to deepen and expand their knowledge of Brain Gym® and ability to use it as a conscious tool to promote optimal brain organization. You will learn to assess and understand the unique ways that the brain and body organize for learning; develop an understanding of the gifts and challenges of the various patterns of brain organization; gain an expanded set of Brain Gym® based tools for cultivating whole brain activation and learning; and experience another level of personal growth and expansion. This class is required for Licensure as a Brain Gym® Instructor.

Breakthrough Skills for Working with Special Needs Children
This class is for general and special education teachers and all special education service providers as well as parents. Learn how Brain Gym® can enhance the educational experience of children with special needs. We will explore how to use the 26 Brain Gym® movements and other related processes to decrease physical, emotional, social and attentional challenges and to assist children with special needs to move to their next development level. While Brain Gym® is beneficial for all students, it is essential for students experiencing social, emotional and neurological difficulties.

Innovative Strategies for ADD/ADHD
Focus, concentration, impulsivity and organization challenges are often experienced by students with ADD/ADHD. These challenges are directly impacted by the learner’s stress levels. When stress goes up, learning goes down. Today’s students experience a wide array of school, family, lifestyle and societal stressors. In this class, we will explore the critical link between stress and learning and use elements of the Brain Gym® program to inhibit the stress response and balance the brain-body system. You will be able to apply what you learn in this class to create immediate improvements in your student’s behavior and academic performance.

Understanding the Brains of your Students
Each child has a unique learning profile, composed of a leading or dominant eye, ear, hand, foot and brain hemisphere. Having a foundational knowledge of each child’s learning profile is extremely helpful in developing effective educational strategies and interventions for the child. When you know how to assess and interpret a child’s learning profile, you can facilitate maximal growth. This class will allow you to understand the learning profiles of your students with their unique gifts and challenges as well as what inhibits and supports optimal functioning. You will leave this class with greater ability to meet the instructional needs of your students.

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