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Recommended Reading List

Amen, Daniel, MD. Change Your Brain, Change You Life.
Ballinger, Erich, The Learning Gym.
Batmanghelidj F., M.D. Your Body's Many Cries For Water.
Carroll, Lee and Tober, Jan. The Indigo Children.
Cohen, Isabel and Goldsmith Marcelle. Hands On: How To Use Brain Gym® In The Classroom.
D'Adamo, P., M,D. Eat Right 4 Your Type.
Dennison, Paul Ph.D. and Dennison, Gail. Brain Gym® Teacher's Edition.
Fay, Jim, Cline, Foster and Sornson Bob, Meeting The Challenge: Using Love and Logic To Help Children Develop Attention and Behavior Skills.
Goddard, Sally. A Teacher's Window Into the Child's Mind.
Hannaford. Carla, Ph. D. The Dominance Factor.
Hannaford. Carla, Ph. D. Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not all In Your Head
Hannaford, Carla Ph. D. Awakening the Child Heart-Handbook For Global Parenting.
Promislow Sharon. Making The Brain Body Connection.
Ratey, John. J. M.D. A User's Guide to the Brain.
Schiffer, Fredric M.D. The Revolutionary Science Of Dual-Brain Psychology.
Schneider Catherine Chemin. O.T.R. Sensory Secrets: How To Jump-Start Learning In Children.
Sornson, Bob. Preventing Early Learning Failure.
Swope, Sam. I Am a Pencil.
Video: Education In Motion

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