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We thoroughly enjoy the opportunity of sharing the benefits of Brain Gym® with schools, educational centers and conferences around the nation. Our success is shared by those who benefit and see the impact with their own students:

Brain Gym® 101

"This class is my favorite class to teach, as it is a fun and movement oriented learning experience. Brain Gym® 101 provides students the opportunity to fully understand and more importantly, integrate the theory and movements of Brain Gym®. As each student actively participates in the five-part balance process, they are able to experience the magic of Brain Gym® in their own bodies. They learn that ease and joy are available to them in all areas of their lives, and they now have access to the Brain Gym® exercises that will assist them. If you are ready to facilitate positive change in your life and the lives of those around you, I invite you to join me for three days of discovery and learning."

Susan Owens, MS, OTR
Executive Director
The Michigan Brain Gym® Consortium

"Susan was excellent. She made each participant feel as if they were an important part of the seminar. It helped me to feel more connected and interested in the material. She made it so wonderful it is hard to imagine that any other group taking the course could have had a better time. It felt like our experience was so perfect that our group was exceptional. I suspect that she has this effect on all groups. This course was like a three day personal retreat while learning how to help others."

Jill Krujsiak
Occupational Therapist

"I liked doing the actions and balances and being able to feel the differences from before to after. I will be able to use Brain Gym® for myself, my family and friends, and I plan to introduce it to my kid’s teachers."

Jill Adams
Stay at home Mom/Student

"I loved the small class size because it allowed us to ask questions and discuss thoughts and ideas. I also feel it helps to retain the information when you can have those deep discussions. I have already experienced changes in my thinking. I can’t wait to use this with my own daughter to help with both academics and emotional issues. You need to attend this course, you will be amazed by the changes you experience."

Stephanie House
Speech and Language Pathologist

"I liked how comfortable and easy going the whole experience was. Brain Gym® will be incorporated in my everyday life, at work and at home with my daughter and my nephews. This is an insightful course and well worth the time."

Greg Coyer

"I saw immediate change in myself and it didn’t take weeks of doing things. I will use this information for my family and also at school. I would tell others not to hesitate to take this class. I was amazed how powerful this Brain Gym® class was."

  Nancy Hammond
Special Education Teacher

"This class was very personal and I learned how powerful Brain Gym® can be. I will use this content personally, with my own children and I will promote brain Gym® to thousands. Open your mind so you can open the world for the children in your life!"
Jimmy Colley
Occupational Therapist

"I liked that it was so hands-on and connections were made both to our working life and personal life. Questions were encouraged and answered in a relaxed manner that made it easy to bond with the other group members and the instructor. I would tell everyone…”Take this class you won’t regret it! It can change your life!"
Cyndi Mead
Elementary Principal

"This class has already helped me to set goals in my personal life and I even have some achievement toward those goals right now. It’s impossible for me to relay to you the learning that takes place in this Brain Gym® class. The most important benefit for taking this class was for me. It has helped me personally."
  Rita Thomas

"I was surprised at how much I learned. I have developed a better sense of self and control of my self. I will use this information every day with students and with my own children before they leave for school. Take this class; you will learn more from this class than any other. This class is actually life changing!"
  Brenda Munroe
Vision Therapist

Lincoln Park Public Schools
Lincoln Park, Michigan

“At the start of this presentation I asked the group about their previous exposure to Brain Gym®. I quickly learned that this group had more Brain Gym® education than most others I have worked with. In fact, several leaders in the field of Brain Gym® and brain-based education had presented to this group previously. From my point of view, we had a marvelous day. Because of the foundation established through the prior presentations, we were able to deal directly with specific challenges the occupational therapists and teachers in the group faced in applying brain-based technology and concepts with their special needs students. My background teaching neuro-anatomy and working as an occupational therapist and supervisor of special education allowed me to address every situation or case presented by the group participants at a depth that they appreciated.”

Susan Owens, MS, OTR
Executive Director
The Michigan Brain Gym® Consortium

"Susan, thank you from myself and all of us from Lincoln Park's Special Education Department.  Your presentation recharged those of us who have already received training on Brain Gym® and you have given us waysof servicing even more children through Brain Gym® techniques.  The teachers and I are amazed at the wonderful results we get from the students.  Just this week I taught a student the Energy Yawn to replace biting on his finger (per your suggestion) and he loves it! Thank you again Susan for sharing your wealth of information."

Joan Kimber, OTR
Lincoln Park Public Schools

The Lovett School
Atlanta, Georgia

“Two of the teachers in the group at The Lovett School had taken Brain Gym® 101 with Susan Owens here in Grand Rapids. They told us that they researched Brain Gym® 101 opportunities and decided that Susan had the best credentials. That’s why they chose the Michigan Brain Gym® Consortium. They were so impressed with Susan, that they invited her to present Brain Gym® for the rest of their colleagues in Atlanta. The group size warranted Susan and me co-facilitating.

I discovered that the Lovett School is a very special place. It was thrilling to visit such an outstanding educational facility. The faculty, the buildings, the grounds and even the cafeteria food were all testaments to The Lovett School’s commitment to excellence.
The teachers were enthused. They were wonderful learners and they knew how to have fun and stay focused at the same time. Back in my days as a corporate management consultant, research was conducted that demonstrated that high performance teams had the most fun. It seems that success requires hard work inspired and balanced by the energy of play.

The school principal, Mary Baldwin, was present in the group all day and she participated fully. Now there is leadership in action! At the end of the day, Susan asked Mary what she thought of the day. Here’s what Mary said:”

  Monica Panagos, PhD
Senior Consultant
The Michigan Brain Gym® Consortium

"Your presentation exceeded my expectations and I had very high expectations to begin with!"
Mary Baldwin, Principal
The Lovett School

Montessori Radmoor School
Okemos, Michigan

"I truly enjoy working with Montessori staff because Brain Gym® aligns perfectly with Montessori principles: Helping each child discover their unique potential and begin a lifetime of enjoyable learning through guided interaction between the child and their environment."

  Susan Owens, MS, OTR
Executive Director
The Michigan Brain Gym® Consortium

"The aspect I liked best was the theory of the Brain Gym® activities and the specific exercises and purpose of each exercise. It was excellent. It would be a wonderful series on PBS."
Doree Mehretu
Toddler Teacher

"Excellent presentation. The aspect of the course I liked best was the mix of movement and information as well as the useful handouts. My staff can apply this information immediately."
  Susie Hyatt

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