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What is Brain Gym®? 

Brain Gym® is more than you imagine! It is a profound movement-based system for activating and integrating the brain and body. For over 35 years, people have experienced unprecedented growth using the Brain Gym® movement program and the exquisite 5-Step Balance process.

The applications of Brain Gym® and the expanded system of which it is a part, Educational Kinesiology, are many:

  • Enhancing learning ability and academic performance
  • Balancing emotion and behavior
  • Improving physical coordination and sports performance and
  • Developing an overall state of wellness and momentum in any area of life

The Brain Gym® program is renowned for its results. It is currently used in more than eighty countries and translated into fifty languages. The program is in continual demand for one reason: It works.

Learn to move in ways that enhance your overall effectiveness and your accomplishments in any area. Access your potential, express who you are and enjoy your life more fully!

Get Moving - The Cross Crawl

Brain Gym® Instructors are licensed through the Educational Kinesiology Foundation / Brain Gym® International
which holds the trademark. For more information about Brain Gym®, visit